Established in 1982, Northwest Restoration (NWR) has grown from a two-man partnership into a well-staffed corporation focused on quality workmanship in the Building Restoration trade. NWR is gaining an increasing amount of recognition in the Erie area in part due to its ability to handle large projects, such as the restoration of the Mill Creek Drift Wood Control Structure in Erie, while still being able to work closely with the customer on small projects. More importantly, NWR’s success is rooted in the quality of work performed on these projects, paying attention to detail, while not losing sight of the overall project objective or the time frame.

Mainly centered on Commercial, Institutional and Industrial building restoration, NWR utilizes some of the most experienced crews in the area to complete projects in historical restoration as well as new building construction. A low employee turnover rate ensures the success of this company through increased trade knowledge and company dedication. Most of the NWR’s employees have been with the firm for over fifteen years, and are knowledgeable in many facets of construction such as masonry, carpentry, and joint sealants. A management staff leads them with over fifty-five years of construction experience.

One of NWR’s recent projects was the restoration of the Mercantile Building in Erie. This largescale restoration included removal and replacement of deteriorated structural concrete, a washdown of the entire building to remove atmospheric dirt and stains and tuckpointing. The concrete surfaces were then coated with elastomeric coating to further enhance the aesthetics of the building. This extensive project took over four months to complete and exemplifies the quality of workmanship performed by NWR. Other projects include the exterior restoration of St. Andrews Church of Erie, continued work at General Electric, the exterior restoration of Jefferson School, and work on various other projects in the area.

Northwest Restoration Inc. remains a foremost company in preserving the historical and significant value of architecture in our community.